Tips to follow to strike a balance in your life when dealing through a job layoff and searching for a new job

  1. Resurrect a routine: some of the structure you had when you were working can be applied to your search.  You may find that setting the alarm and daily objectives will provide a positive outlook on the day.  Finishing search activities by 3 pm will leave you time to pursue free time activities like working out, going to a movie, etc.
  2. “Systemize” your job search: the real measure is not the amount but the quality and productivity of the time dedicated to search for a new job.  Turn your attention to networking with people who might know someone or something that could lead to your next job.  Focus your efforts by creating a resume that connects with employers you have thoroughly researched and prepare a succinct and enthusiastic introduction of yourself-“sell” yourself as the candidate who should get the job!
  3. Act on your “to do” list:  to avoid becoming a frazzled job seeker, incorporate personal activities that enrich other aspects of your life.  Dedicate some of your time to your own personal and professional development-from day trips you’ve always wanted to take, to the friend you’ve been meaning to reconnect with, to the certification you’ve intended to get………