Fitness is not “one size fits all”. That´s why they created Workout Buddy X® to provide the most EFFECTIVE & ACHIEVABLE solution for people of ALL FITNESS LEVELS.

With combined 40 years of experience, thier world-class trainers will teach you the secrets of training the SMARTER. SAFER, & MORE EFFICIENT way, so you will be burning more calories for up to 48 hours AFTER the workout. Simply follow your personalized FIT BODY TRANSFORMATION workout calendar and do the best you can everyday. Finally, you WILL achieve amazing results in just 12 short weeks!

FIT TIP #1:   Each WBX Exercise Video has 3 different intensity levels designed specifically for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.   Start at your own comfort level,   then kick it up a notch as your quickly see & feel the improvements!

FIT TIP #2: If you start with level-3 moves and start running low on gas, you can drop down to level-2 or level-1, but try to finish the entire circuit. This way you will burn the most amounts of calories and fat!

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