How to Flatten Your Belly While Walking

 If you are walking to burn calories and lose weight, you have made an important first step toward a healthier you. It takes more than losing weight to get that flat belly you are hoping for. Sure, less fat around the midsection does make for a slimmer profile. However, it doesn’t give the body that definition that comes only from toning and strength training. It is very easy to combine walking with an effective ab workout, allowing you to lose belly fat and tone your abs at the same time.

This is very simple exercise that most people should be able to do without the fear of injury.

As always, consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program

Level of Difficulty: Easy


  1. Start with good posture while you are walking. You need to keep your back straight and your shoulders back. Good posture is extremely important in order to exercise the right muscles. Your ab workout should not put strain on your back or neck.
  2. While walking and breathing normally, pull your stomach in without changing the position of your spine. You do not want to hunch your shoulders or curve your back. If it is done correctly you should feel a slight tightening around your waist. Remember to breathe. This is not a ‘suck in your breath and hold it’ exercise.
  3. Hold your stomach in for ten steps, then release it and relax for ten steps. Repeat five times. Work up to twenty repetitions of five.
  4. Do you want to do more? Try doing this when you are walking in from the parking lot to the store or office. Do it while you’re walking through the house picking up or putting laundry away. Anytime you are walking, even at a slow pace you can get in a few ab exercises. Every little bit helps.