You may laugh, but stain removal is an art. The process of removing a stain changes not just with the change in the stain causing substance but also with the age of the stain. For example, removing a fresh bloodstain involves a process much different from removing an year old bloodstain. For most stains, the site cites the ivory bar soap as a miracle worker. Also ideas and suggestions from readers are constantly invited to make the site more informative, interactive and fun.
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Got a stain but no spot cleaner? Try a few of these homemade-cleaner ideas:

Vinegar solution: 1 part white vinegar to 1 part water.

Detergent solution: 1 teaspoon of clear, non-bleach dishwashing detergent for every 32 ounces of water.Baking soda: helps absorb grease stains.

Club soda: Mom always told you this will get out practically anything.



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