it is important to brush your dogs teeth regularly.  you can buy dog toothpaste in any pet supply store.  getting started is the hard part.  It will take a while for you and your dog to work out a time of day and method for brushing.  Here are some tips to get started:

  • go to the pet store and buy dog toothpaste and tooth brush.  There are many types of tooth brushes.  with my 6 pound tea cup chihuahua, the pet store dental brushes did not work, so I actually bought an Oral B kids first toothbrush which works great.
  • pick a time of day and location to brush your dogs teeth.  consistency is important to build this tooth brushing habit, so try to pick a time and location you can use daily
  • after brushing your dogs teeth, you should reward him/her.  I have a specific Omega 3 treat that I give to my dog after every brushing.