Dogs need TLC to help them be emotionally stable.  I have had small and medium dogs (6 pounds-60 pounds) and have seen TLC work. 

My mutt golder retriever lived over 18 years-at the end of his life, the TLC kept him going.  I remember when he was 13-15 he still had the strength to run and jump on me.  At the end, the only form of play he could manage to do is put his head on my lap.  He would look at me with those big brown eyes in a way that I interpreted as love.

My 6 pound Chihuahua just wants to be hugged.  When I get home from work, she is satisfied if  I hold her, like you would an infant, for 5-20 minutes depending on my schedule.  This seems to calm her down and not remember that I ‘deserted’ her all day while I was at work.