Secrets to Advancing Facebook Mobs.

Facebook Mafia War cheats are often strategies for advancing in the game and making a stronger, wealthier mob. Strategies include growing the mob family and wealth. 

For every computer game available, on-line or offline, there are secret codes or cheats to get players ahead in the game quickly. Google “Facebook Mafia War cheats” and the reader will be rewarded with a barrage of sites claiming to have the secret cheats or codes.

There are some scripts out there to automate a few actions of the game. One script touts that it automatically sends friend invites to players in the fight window. It may or may not work all the time. Players can advance faster by strategizing instead of hunting cheats.

  • In the early levels of game play, purchase properties with a low investment cost and decent return rate. Mafia Mike’s Delis are an excellent choice; however, the number available for purchase is dependent on the number of family members.
  • As the money increases purchase high end properties – the key is to purchase as many as possible at one time. Once a purchase is made, the price increases for the next purchase.
  • Beware of the upkeep cost of some high end weapons and vehicles. Make sure money flow is sufficient to cover the costs.

Using Points Strategically

With each level up, players are given reward points by the Godfather. These can be used to increase a variety of attributes, such as attack, defense, energy and more. Where to apply these points depends on the Mafia Boss’ strategy.

  • Knocking off rivals and going for kills: this strategy requires using reward points to increase attack, defense, and stamina attributes. This allows the player to knock off other mobs and engage in more fights while staying strong themselves.
  • Money Accumulation: this strategy requires putting most reward points into the energy level. Energy enables the family to do more jobs, thus acquiring more money.

Mafia War players also have the option of buying reward points from the Godfather, if they so choose. Additionally, there are often special weapons or incentives available that can only be purchased with reward points.

Mafia Wars is an extremely popular game that has become the rage around the world. Players who are looking for shortcuts to bypass the actually playing of the game might not find what they are looking for, however, employing a few secrets to advancing their mob can prove to be just as valuable

Grow the Family

In Mafia Wars, players form mob families by inviting other Facebook members to join. The more family members a mob has, the stronger they are. The first and ultimately most important key to advancing is to keep the mob family growing. This can be done in a couple of ways:

  • Players invite all of their friends to join
  • Link to other players on one of the many ‘add me’ pages in FB, thousand of players network on these pages
  • Reciprocate when players join their mob family – Mafia War players can be members of more than one mob.

Family Defense

Family members need to be able to defend themselves. It is up to the Boss to make sure each team member has defensive tools. As the family accumulates wealth, the boss should make sure each member has weapons, vehicles, etc.

  • Initially, funds will be low, the Boss should focus on growing wealth in order to take care of family
  • As wealth is accumulated, Boss should purchase each member of family more weapons

Increase the Wealth

Each Mob Boss will have different strategies for accumulating wealth. Some families focus on more jobs and payouts while other families are more involved in property acquisitions. These strategy tips will help increase the family wealth regardless of the ultimate goal: