Dress to be seen

Fall is a good time for safety awareness, in and around the neighborhoods, especially during Halloween.  Keep in mind:

  • when selecting a costume to not impede your child’s vision and not impact their balance and coordination
  • utilize clothing with reflective features like sneakers,, wristbands or jackets
  • make sure batteries in the flash lights are new and your child is aware of traffic dangers.  Glow sticks are a good temporary or supplemental source of illumination

Fall Attire

Night time activities increase as the hours of daylight decrease.  Keeping safe this season helps by dressing appropriately.  Wear bright, light, reflective clothing.  If jogging or walking on roads, always face traffic and do not wear headphones.  Watch for evasive actions from oncoming vehicles as drivers may be distracted.

Home Tips

At the beginning of the fall season, ensure that you have a proper inspection and cleaning performed on your central heating unit and fireplace.  Inspections can unveil potential issues such as blocked pipes or carbon monoxide poisoning and reduce the risk of having a chimney fire.  Also, be sure to inspect your chimney regularly for cracks and any ]blockages that could pose a fire safety tip.  If you use space heaters, ensure they are UL Listed, in good condition and a safe distance away from drapery, furniture or other combustibles.  Always ensure that they are turned off before bedtime or leaving the home.