Tips on playing Fantasy Football and how to be better at it.

  1. Rules –  what are transfer rules, how many players from each Squad, how scoring works etc.
  2. Transfers – look at the next months fixtures, in particular a run of home matches, or matches against out of form or lower half teams.  Do your transfersafter your outgoing player has played his Saturday match and before the incoming player plays his Sunday/Monday match.
  3. Form – players on form are much more likely to score points again and again, so look for a run of form by the top players.  Don’t worry about being late in buying an ‘in form’ player if he has already scored many goals recently, he’s still probably going to score more goals than your other strikers.  To win FF, you need to get the best strikers when they are on form and scoring well.
  4. Misclassification – strikers who are classified as midfielders and midfielders who are classified as defenders can score you more points than a normal midfielder or defender.
  5. Defense – pick defenders and goalkeepers who play often for the teams that should finish in the top half of the league. Penalty takers are a bonus but really defenders are less individualistic than midfielders or strikers so try and follow the better teams for defenders.
  6. Season end – careful when coming to the end of the season where teams have little to play for or are saving players for Cup finals or European matches.  Look to swap to those teams that still have something to play for in the league.
  7. News – probably obvious, but keep up to date with latest player and team news frequently.
  8. Where to spend the cash – strikers are usually the most important to your fantasy team (goals win fantasy competitions), then defenders (full backs ahead of centre backs) and goalkeepers and finally the midfield (excluding one or two stars).