Backing Up Your Favorites
You can keep a backup of your Favorites in case you accidentally delete any of your list. You can also use this backup to transfer your Favorites list to a different PC or another browser program.

Click on the File menu (in Internet Explorer 7 click the Add To Favorites button) then click Import and Export. You should see a window welcoming you to the Import and Export Wizard. Click Next, then select Export Favorites. Leave the main folder selected on the Export Favorites Source Folder screen and click Next.

Make sure Export to a File or Address is selected, then Browse to a location on your hard drive where you wish to store a copy of your Favorites list. Type a name for your backup, for example MyFavorites and click Save. Click Next, then Finish and a window should tell you the export was successful.

The Favorites backup file is saved as a web page file and it can also be opened in your browser like a normal web page by double-clicking it. It will appear as a simple-looking web page containing your Favorites links.

Importing Favorites
To import a Favorites list, go back to the Import and Export Wizard. Choose Import Favorites, click Next, then make sure Import from a File or Address is selected. Browse to your saved Favorites file and click Next. On the Import Favorites Destination Folder screen, click Next then Finish.

You should see a message telling you your Favorites have been successfully imported from the backup file.