For the Cedar Planks: Use untreated  1×8 construction grade cedar cut to the length of the amount of salmon you wish to cook.

Soaking the Planks: Pre-soak cedar planks for about 1 hour. It’s best if you can soak them overnight.

Safety First:  Three very important items to have on hand.

  1. Full spray bottle of water on hand to extinguish flames that creep round the edge of the plank.
  2. Bucket of water beside the grill to plunge the plank in after you’ve removed the cooked salmon.
  3. Portable fire extinguisher.

On your outdoor gas grill: Turn gas on to high heat. Place planks (loaded up with salmon) on grill and close lid. Your grill will turn into an oven/smoker. Cooking time required will vary depending on the size of the salmon. Be careful when you are lifting the grill lid, the burning plank will produce a lot of smoke. Try to keep the lid closed as much as possible as not to lower the temperature inside the grill. When salmon is cooked, remove fish from plank and plunge wood into bucket of water.