Going green for your baby-even before birth- is an easy way to make your lifestyle eco-friendly.  According to Jennifer Taggart’s book entitled: Smart Mama’s Green Guide.  Soon after conception, toxic chemicals absorbed by the mother through breathing, eating or skin exposure can harm fetal development.  Taggert offers four tips to protect your child and the planet:

  1. Don’t DYI:   When it’s time to build the nurser, prevent women should stay away from construction dust.  Do not cut into lead-based paint, especially if your home was built before 1978.
  2. Watch your beauty products: Avoid certain hair dyes and nail polishes.  Go to cosmetics database.com to check your current cosmetics to see if they have harmful chemicals.
  3. Get enough calcium: Taking 1,200 mg a day while nursing can help reduce the amount of lead in breast milk.  Calcium is pulled from bones to make the milk; if there isn’t enough, lead will be pulled out instead.
  4. Be prepared for a green birth: Pack organic baby clothing, baby wash, lotion and bottles ahead of time.  It’s better to use those instead of the hospital’s which could contain harmful plastics.  Newborn skin is 40-60 percent thinner than adult skin and absorbs toxic chemicals more easily.