5 steps for relaxation by creating a spa shower in 10 minutes

  1. Set the mood: Create a spa-like atmosphere by turning off the overhead lights and illuminating a scented candle.  Cue up soul-soothing, classical, or other relaxing music an turn up the tap to the hottest setting.  Let the water run for a few minutes, then adjust the temperature and step in.  The steam will mimic the muscle-soothing action of a spa sauna and for women:  you can use the wait time to treat yourself to a mini-facial by applying a mask.
  2. Scrub up: Use a body polish to give yourself a brisk, all-over scrub as soon as you start to get wet.  You will achieve the smoothest results if you scrub up before your skin gets too hydrated!  After your shower, your newly exfoliated skin will absorb moisturizer like a dry sponge.
  3. Clear your mind: Lather up with lavender soap, which is known for its calming effect, and shampoo and condition.  As you rinse, give yourself a quick scalp massage to release stress and tension.  Using the pads of your fingers, gently press in a circular motion all over your head with extra focus on the soft spots near the temples. 
  4. Treat your feet: Sit on the floor or side of the shower and take a moment to pamper your feet, using your thumbs to knead tired soles and toes.  End by buffing rough spots with a callus remover.
  5. Hydrate: Apply a lightweight body oil right in the shower or, if you crave something richer, lather on a velvety moisturizer after you dry off.