Some tips for the ones who visit China the first time

Going to China for the first time ?  Here are several helpful tips
1. Prepare some notes with Chinese names of your destinations. Not enough Chinese speak English. So if you can’t speak Chinese and you want to go somewhere and you’re afraid of getting lost, you could always show the Chinese charactors to any Chinese people on the road and most of them would be able to show you how to go.

2. Don’t trust the traffic lights. I’m not saying anything bad about China but sometimes the traffic lights and the drivers don’t get good cooperation. So when you want to cross road, especially in a smaller city than Beijing, you’d better trust your eyes more than the traffic lights.

3. About the toilets in China. There’s often no toilet paper in the toilet and the floor is usually wet. (I’m not talking about the luxurious places, but the normal and most of the places in China) So if you want to go to the toilet and there’s some possibility for you to use any tissue, take some with you before you find it’s too late.

4. Don’t trust the saleman on the road. Most of the time, the qualities of the goods are not ok. It’s not worth to buy at all. And they always try to offer a crazy foriegn prize for you. Well… at least most of the time.

5. If you don’t want to be cheated by any tour company or guide, you’d better tell them before they have the chance to do something naughty. Most of the time they will expect you. But if you don’t make it clearly, you’re giving them some excuse to cheat on you yourself.