With unemployment on the rise, a new crop of job-hunting scams has hit the streets, per certified fraud specialist Judd Rousseau.  He cautions job seekers to watch out for three ruses that identity thieves are using to gain access to important personal and financial information:

  1. Stimulus come-ons: ignore emails or letters from phony government agencies enticing you with “job openings” associated with the federal stimulus plan.  The government is recruiting, but not through email
  2. Bogus interview invites: An email from a corporate site inviting you to a distant city for an interview without paying for travel is a hoax.  If you are encouraged to arrange discounted travel plans through a “corporate office”  be careful-this is a ploy to obtain your credit card and other private information
  3. Bad guys on good sites: Even legitimate job-search sites have been hit with scammers.  For this reason, never include any personal information-even your address on a resume you post online or send via email.  Save all email exchanges that you have and ask potential employers to contact you by phone or to interview you in person in your home town.