Hating homework is usually the kid’s job.  Keeping a child focused on his books rather than the TV becomes a nightly struggle, parents can wind up hating homework too.

Jamie Woolf , author of Mom-in Chief: How Wisdom From the Workplace Can Save Your Family From Chaos recommends using the following strategies to end homework battles.

  1. Set big-picture goals together.  Ask your child to write out homework goals, such as, “I will not turn on the TV until my homework is finished.”
  2. Assess your child.  Decide whether your child is struggling because he/she lacks motivation or just doesn’t understand the work.  Then decide the best approach to help him/her do better.
  3. Make room.  Encourage neatness and organization by giving your child a study area that he/she can use routinely and maintain on his/her own.
  4. Teach accountability.  Don’t blame the teacher for what your child doesn’t understand.  Instead, teach your child how to get answers.  For example, tell him to ask the teacher to explain any unclear assignments.
  5. Don’t give up when bad habits return.  Refocus on the big-picture goals you set together, and remind your child to stick with his/her commitments.
  6. Connect success with effort.  Remind your child that effort and perseverance – not just innate talent – will lead to success.