Organizing seems to be a never ending task.  If you are looking to get yourself and/or your business better organized, here are some tips that might help:

  • Identify your greatest organizing challenge.  Are you inundated with paper?  Is your space crowded and inefficient?  By identifying your greatest organization challenge, you will know where to begin; you will be able to get the biggest bang for the buck or your time by taking on the greatest challenge.
  • Set aside time.  Once you schedule the time to work on an organizing task, it will get done.  If the task will take more time than you have allocated, break the task down to smaller sub-tasks so that you will see some mini-accomplishments.
  • Plan and prioritize.  Planning enables you to spend time on the things you perceive to be most important to the success of your life or business.  Set daily priorities or sub-tasks as well as long term priorities.
  • Avoid procrastination and perfectionism.  Break down your project into smaller, manageable, mini-projects and schedule time to complete each one.  Do the hardest or more unpleasant task first; the others will be easier.  Perfectionism forces you to spend more time on a task than it may deserve.   Determine ahead of time your standard or “good enough” goal.