Twitter is becoming the social networking app of the year.

In Iran, Twitter has been used to circumvent government censors and let the world know about presidential election protests.  In America, we use it to find out what people are doing or having for snacks.

Twitter is turning out its own language.  Here are some famous texts translated into “tweets.”

The Declaration of Independence: “We gots life, liberty, happiness now! Peace out, King George!”

Shakespeare’s Macbeth: “Macbeth killed the king! But he got his.  Ambition will consume U!”

King’s I have a dream speech: “You are equal.  I am equal.  We are all equal.  My dream is we have no more hate.”

Moby-Dick: “Oh, snap!  This great white whale won’t die!  Captain Ahab is tripping!  These are the scars of obsession.”

Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care: “Feed your baby; clean your baby; love your baby.  Why is that so hard?”