If you were a user of the previously blogged about Twitter-to-FriendFeed Contact sync tool by Carter Rabasa, you’ll be pleased to know similar functionality is now built-in to FriendFeed. On Tuesday the company quietly launched its own importer as part of its other friend-finding tools.

To find buddies from Twitter who are also using FriendFeed you simply type in your Twitter username and it does the rest. Unlike Rabasa’s tool, there’s no need to give the service either your Twitter password, or (obviously) the one you use for FriendFeed. As an added bonus, FriendFeed’s import tool also lets you take whichever friends you’ve selected and add them to a new friends list that is if you’re into that level of organization.
The new Twitter importing tool from FriendFeed scours your Twitter friends list and lets you know if any of those users are also on FriendFeed.