other uses for coffee filters:

  1. Prevent rust: place a coffee filter inside cast iron skillets or pans to absorb excess moisture when it’s not in use
  2. Keep hardware, or other small items, organized: Pile nails, screws, safety pins into separate coffee filters while you are working to keep them from rolling off the table
  3. Make an air freshener: place a tablespoon of baking soda in the center of a coffee filter and tie it closed with twine.  stash the packet in the fridge to absorb odors
  4. Clean mirrors, windows : spray mirrors and windows with cleaner and wipe.  Filters are lint-free and leave no streaks.
  5. Strain solvents: if you have residue floating in paint thinner, strain it through a coffee filter into a clean container and safely dispose of the filter and residue after they’ve dried up
  6. Line flower pots: line flower pots and planters with coffee filters to stop soil from leaking throughout the drainage holes at the bottom.
  7. Absorb spills on upholstery: use coffee filters to blot  liquids off sofas or fabric car seats.  The filters won’t leave lint behind like paper towels do.
  8. Shine shoes: use a coffee filter to buff your favorite pair of loafers (or heels).  For brown shoes, a used filter will work-just let it dry, first
  9. Protect your china:  keep your best dishes chip and scratch free by putting one between each piece when stacking
  10. Save the wine after you’ve broken the cork:  if you pour the wine through a filter, you’ll catch the lost pieces of cork