World of Warcraft Mining is the preferred  choice if you are a new WoW gamer. It allows you start getting gold in a fast and easy way. This article gives you an idea of what you need to do to get your WoW Mining Profession leveled up quickly. The following steps may be the fastest way to level up the Mining Profession:

1 to 65: Mine copper here; Dun Morogh for Alliance and Durotar for Horde. You’ll find copper all over the place. Buy the Journeyman mining skill to move on to the next level and to be able to mine Incendicite.

66 to 125: Mine Incendicite; Go to Wetlands, find Thelgan Rock right near the entrance to Dun Algaz, find the cave there, it’s got alot of spiders and a quest ore called Incendicite. This is an Alliance quest but Horde can still mine the ore. The ore is not worth anything but you will easily skill up towards 125. Buy the Expert mining skill to be able to level mining to 225.

126 to 175: Mine Iron and Gold; Go to Alterac Mountains. Alternative areas are Stranglethorn, Arathi, Ashenvale, Badlands, and Desolace. Get enough gold ore and you can smelt them at skill 160 to skill up to 175.

176 to 250: Mine Mithril and Truesilver; Highperch in Thousand Needles. Alternatives are Badlands – Lethlor Ravine for mithril, look for the dragon whelps. After you reach level 200 train for Artisan mining skill.

251 to 300: Mining Thorium and Dark Iron; Go to Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes. Both have an abundance of veins. Once your skill reaches 300, go to Outland to train for the Master artisan skill.

300 to 325: Mining Fel Iron; Check your map to see the peninsula to find The Hellfire Peninsula and The Dark Portal. It’s a large area without any mobs. It’s got alot of veins that make for a quick skill level upgrade.

325 to 350: Mining Adamantite; Go to Nagrand, it has a bunch of Adamantite Ore. Once you get to 350 you need to go to Northrend and learn Mining Grand Master.

350 to 400: Mining Cobalt Ore; Go to Borean Tundra, there you will find alot of Cobalt Ore.

400 to 450: Saronite Ore; Got to Sholazar Basin to find Saronite Ore veins. Max out the mining skill.

Now that you know the steps needed to really maximize your World of Warcraft Mining Profession. With this skill maxed out, you can now start having some real fun!